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Whether you are purchasing a new vehicle or one that has been preowned, or just want to refinance your current ride, Kitsap Credit Union has loan options that will be a perfect fit. Looking for a motorcycle, boat or even an RV? We’ve got you covered!
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Tips for Buying a Vehicle

  1. Before shopping for a car, get preapproved for a loan. This will help you know how much you can borrow and give you an idea of what kind of monthly payment you can expect. It also gives you more negotiating power at the dealership.

  2. Plan any potential trade-ins by researching your old car's value. This will give you a baseline for negotiations and help you decide if trading in is even your best option.

  3. Do your homework to learn what you can expect to pay for your new car. Most car dealers expect that you'll negotiate the price down somewhat, but you can get more leeway with certain techniques. For example, try visiting at the end of the month to get the best deals. You should always be prepared to leave if you feel the dealer is not giving you a fair price.

  4. Once you score the price you want, follow the instructions you received when your loan was preapproved.

  5. Buy insurance once you've almost finished the car buying process. Shop around for a quote, even if you currently have insurance, for the best deal possible. You can take advantage of a KCU member discount through our partnership with Travelers. Call 800-842-5936 or get a quote online.



* APR = Annual Percentage Rate. APR is accurate as of 5/13/2024 and based on creditworthiness and product type.

Auto Loan Payment Example:

Monthly payment of $527.90 based on 72 month, $30,000 loan at 8.13% APR

LTV = Loan to Value

All loans subject to approval.

Auto Loans

Available terms and loan amounts based on creditworthiness. Maximum terms up to 84 months. New Auto LTV is based on Dealer Invoice or NADA Adjusted trade-in value. Used Auto LTV is based on NADA Adjusted trade-in value.